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TGV Valour N.A.T.O. strap


Introducing the Valour N.A.T.O. strap designed by TGV in collaboration with Wrist Candy Watch Club. 
Inspired in part by a James Bond 007 strap, the Valour strap features extra dark crimson stripes that pay tribute to the ribbon of the Victoria Cross medal. This medal was awarded to Garth Neville Walford VC, an ancestor of TGV, who heroically died in battle during the first World War. The Victoria Cross (VC) is the highest award in the United Kingdom's honours system, and is awarded for gallantry "in the face of the enemy" to members of the British armed forces. The name of the strap was also inspired by the "For Valour" inscription on the medal itself.

Made from premium nylon, the Valour strap is 11.5" long and 1.25mm thick, and is softer and more luxurious on the wrist while still being rugged enough for its original intended military purpose. The slender rings are made of 316L stainless steel and provide a streamlined look that pairs well with jeans or a button-up shirt. Featuring "The Urban Gentry" minimally engraved on one of the rings, stitched construction, and reinforced holes for durability, these are sure to be your favourite official Urban Gentry N.A.T.O straps.